The Capt. Hyman P. Galbut Jewish Learning Center Chabad (JLC) is part of the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch Movement and is under the auspices of Florida’s Lubavitch Headquarters. Under the guidance and vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneersohn, Chabad Lubavitch has grown at an unprecedented rate. Today, Chabad boasts over 4,000 centers worldwide.

The JLC was founded in 1998 by Yossi and Esti Duchman of Miami Beach at the behest of Yosef Vilenkin of Brooklyn, New York in a rented facility on Miami Beach’s West 41st Street. In 2000, the Duchmans purchased a two-story 8,000 square foot building at 411 West 41st Street which continues to serve as the home of the JLC today. Without a doubt, the generosity and vision of the Duchman Family has served as the driving force behind the JLC.

In 2005, the renowned Galbut Family of Miami Beach dedicated the JLC in honor of their father, Capt. Hyman P. Galbut, and renamed it as the Capt. Hyman P. Galbut Jewish Learning Center Chabad.

The Center is easily accessible by car and public transportation and is near the many hotels in the area. Municipal parking is available right behind the building.

The JLC features educational and cultural programming. Under the leadership of Rabbi Aron, with Yossi Bortunk and Sruli Duchman who leads the Shabbos youth programs and assisted by members of the community.

The Jewish Learning Center features:

  • State of the Art Library
  • Computer Stations
  • Study Halls
  • Children’s Library
  • Senior Center
  • Video/DVD/CD/Tape Library
  • Catering Facility
  • Arts and Crafts Facility
  • Game Room
  • Synagogue

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